Eco Diesel Solutions Canada

Ever wonder what happened to those Lister CS (cold-start) slow rpm, large flywheel engines of the past? Well, would you believe that some of those early Lister engine designs are still being manufactured in India today? These slow speed engines have been extensively used to provide both reliable and efficient electrical power and water pumping duties in remote villages and locations around the world but now  to a limited extent, here in North America as well. When the Lister company stopped manufacturing the CS series, India took over making parts to keep the existing engines up and running. Eventualy India came to manufacture the complete engines we import today. Today we now call these engines - Listeroids or Lister copies.

The cold-start or C/S designed engines could be started by hand cranking and didn't require electronics of any kind in order to run. The CS engine design didn't require any glow plugs to be started as it had a compression change valve which could increase the compression for cold starting! Having no electrical parts to fail and the slow running speed were just a few of the reasons for their incredible dependability. The specially designed indirect injection cylinder head allows these diesel engines to run on a variety of oils including bio-diesel, vegetable oil, pump diesel and many waste oils. We now import new Listeroid engines that are very closely coppied from the early Lister design so as to have them available fo rour customers. There is something very cool about watching and listening to a 650 rpm engine as it thuff thuffs as it runs and goes about doing serious work.

We will be the first to tell you that we don't think the Listeroid engine is the be all end all solution for everyone, as to be a Listeroid genset owner you really need to be somewhat of a  mechanicaly minded individual with knowledge in severall areas such as rotational equipment, welding, electrical, plumbing etc and it would be good to have some extra time on your hands so as to set one up properly. They are considered by many to be that of a hobby engine although many of these engines are being put to heavy work generating power to recharge storage batteries for off grid homes across North America.

For those customers that are looking for extremely reliable diesel generators but that don't have the desire to build the whole generator system, Eco Diesel Solutions offers the Northern Lights line of Industrial duty gensets. These quiet and very efficient gensets are basicaly ready to go when you recieve them. They only need a fuel tank to be supplied/set up with supply and return lines to the genset, be tied into your automatic transfer switch by a qualified electrician and to have the battery connected. This is the perfect genset for someone that needs reliable power that doesn't want to build or tinker with their generator system and we can supply you with a Northern Lights generator solution will suit and serve your needs best. 

Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is more than just about diesel engines. We have greatly expanded the product lines available to our customers. We now offer many high quality Brand name products to those customers that require or seek renewable energy products. These product lines we offer will provide you with reliable off grid power for your home, cabin or business. We can also offer grid tie solutions which will provide both back up power and utility bill reduction . By offering incredible products from reputable companies such such as Outback and SMA/Sunny Boy inverter systems, Surrette storage batteries, REC  solar, Northern lights generators,  just to name a few, Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is a one stop shop for our customers and their off grid power requirements.  



To develope, adapt and respond to our customers needs while meeting ethical objectives in an ever changing and ecologicaly sensitive world. We will offer our customers products that pursue the future and growth of renewable power with an effort leading to that of a greener tomorrow. We will embrace our new customers and nurture those who have entrusted us with our products and services.