Eco Diesel Solutions Canada
Listeroid Engines

Lister type/Listeroid Diesel Engines (GTC brand):


 Our GTC Listeroid 6/1 engines include the following build features:


  • Cast iron 5 ring pistons
  • 7 bolt cylinder heads w/compression change valve 
  • Cylinder block with cast in water jacket (not wet liner) with water jacket access plates
  • en52 valves
  • Compression change valves
  • indirrect injected cylinder heads
  • Large diameter TRBs
  • unpainted crankcase
  • Heavy 24 3/4" solid center/5hole  higher speed flywheels (allow for 850rpm/8hp operation) 
  • Center lube pump with pre lube handle
  • Magnetic drain plug
  •  Counter balanced crankshaft on all engines
  • cast aluminum valve cover


 Our GTC 12/1 engines include the following build features (Not currently on order)

  •   Aluminum 5 ring piston
  • Dirrect injected cylinder head
  • 130mm replacable wet liner
  • counter weighted crank shaft
  • en 52 valves
  • Heavy 24 3/4" solid center w/5 hole pattern flywheels (allow for 1000 rpm operation)
  • center lube pump
  • Tapered roller bearing mains
  • unpainted crank case interior
  • tin valve cover


 Bonus features:

  • Simple mechanical design using adjustable compression allows for cold starting with hand cranking (no glow plugs, starter, battery or any electronics).
  • Heavily built and capable of long life and reliability once properly gone through and set up.   
  • Unmatched fuel economy
  • Simple hand crank starting (with decompression lever) and adjustable compression change knob.
  • These engines which use indirrect injected heads to effectivly burn pump diesel, bio diesel, vegetable oil and many different waste oils without modification to engine. Low rpm operation also contributes to quiet operation.
  • Heavy built (a true understatement) 6hp single weighs over 850 lbs
  • Designed to be easy to maintain and be worked on with simple tools by anyone with mechanical or machinery experience.
  • A fun hobby engine for those who want to experiment with driving alternators, pumps, alternative fuels etc.