Eco Diesel Solutions Canada
Nov. 25/12 Just landed - GTC 6/1 High build spec slow speed diesel engines. Limited quantities are available. These engines feature the 7 stud heads and cylinder block, heavier solid center/5 hole high speed flywheels from the 12/1 engines. If interested in owning one of these heavy built beasts Please call Troy at (403) 329 4368 for more information.

Nov. 20/12 Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is near completion of the installation of our new REC 2,820 watt grid tie solar array. Our new solar array consists of 12 - REC 235 watt modules mounted on our own newly designed seasonally adjustable solar racking system. This solar mounting system consists of a qty of 8 of our Eco Solar Ribs mounted onto a cross tube supported by multi pole base block platform. Solar energy harvest from the array is to be fed to the utility grid using a Power One PVI6000 inverter. We will be more than happy to take you on a little tour for those interested in solar energy.