Eco Diesel Solutions Canada
Sidewinder 1800 rpm Generator Pulleys:
These CNC-machined pulleys are cut from ductile iron cast and allow you the option to run either 1 or 2 separate - 8 rib micro V groove belts for added reliability, more driving power, multiple engine operating speed or off-driving (using the alternator as a jackshaft).  Some of our pulleys feature a pre-machined shoulder as well as pre-drilled and tapped 5 bolt pattern for the option of adding more flywheel effect (similar to the very heavy pulley on the original lister start-o-matic generator). These pulleys accept the heavier Q1 browning bushing with double slit and non-cut outer collar which are available for virtualy any generator shaft size you may have.  Eco Diesel Sidewinder Pulleys are available in the following sizes and configurations for driving 1800 rpm AC alternators.
The Double Ratio Side Winder - features 8.340" and 5.125" diameter running surfaces.  (allows for multiple operating speed choices (650rpm or 400 rpm)  on 6/1 engines using a single 8 rib serpintine belt)  $275.00 + Gst
The Double Side Winder - 7.325"  pulley - (allows for 565rpm operation on 12/1 engine using 2 - 8 rib serpintine belts) $235.00 + gst
The Single Side Winder  - 8.340" diameter single  - (allows for 650rpm operation on 6/1 engine using a single 8 rib serpintine belt) $210 + Gst
The Big D - 9.750" diameter Double Side Winder - slip free generator drive using 2 - 8 rib serpintine belts (allows for 865 rpm operation on twin cylinder engines using 20.275" diameter flywheels) or (750 rpm operation on 12/1 engine) - $278.00 + GST
All the pulleys above are keyed and accept Browning Q1 bushing