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Surrette Deep Cycle Storage Batteries

Surrette Batteries are manufactured right here in Canada. Surrette Batteries are recognized as leaders in deep cycle storage batteries and are the choice of serious off girders. Surrette offers their value priced 4000 series batteries which are ideal for smaller systems such as you'll find in cabins or small homes and have a 12 year life expectancy. Surrettes 5000 series (also known as their Big Red cells) feature double wall contruction and the thickest plates in the industry. As a result these batteries  have an  average lifespan of 15 years! Available in 2V, 4V, 6V and 12 Volt , Surrette batteries give you severall options for configuring to meet your storage needs and voltage required. 

For more information on specific models, please visit their website at: or contact us.