Eco Diesel Solutions Canada
Kill a Watt Meter
P4400 Kill A Watt Meters
$36.00 each + GST
The P4400 Kill A Watt Meter is an inexpensive device for reading your generators power output or grid power output by simply plugging into any 110V outlet inside the comfort of your home or shop. These handy meters display Voltage, Amps, Watts and Kw hours. Two Kill A Watt Meters can also be set up to read each 110V leg to eliminate the need for a multitude of expensive panel meters. Using the frequency display selector the digital display will show you the output frequency of the 110V line so you can adjust your generators engine rpm accordingly to provide the desired 60 hz. A very useful tool for those with an inverter or generator powered home or anyone wanting to test to see how much power their  appliances use. Click on the link below to see a full sized picture of the KillaWatt meter.
Also now available from Eco Diesel Solutions Canada - P3 Deer Chasers!
These great little deer chasers are a simple way to keep deer from damaging your yard plants. These units operate using a motion detector that cuases the unit to light up and at the same time discharge a sound frequency that deer hate. currently have 11 of these deer chaser available. $38.75 ea. + Gst