Eco Diesel Solutions Canada
Location - College City, California - Here are several photos of Charles Lazarski's 12 hp 650 rpm twin set up as an irrigation booster pump. Charles 12/2 boost the water pressure due to high elevation of the field being irrigated. Very nice job Charlie! Florida - Pictured is a custom built 24/2 genset. Eco Diesel Solutions built for one of our customers. Lethbridge Alberta - shown is our Eco Diesel Solutions GTC 6/1 Listeroid generator/irrigation pump demonstrator featuring flywheel guards and green tin roof (pump not mounted at time of photo). There is a somewhat typical Listeroid genset platform pictured to the bottom, but this truly is A very cool Listeroid generator installation by Kevin Pike. Some of the details of this install are heavily guarded secrets at this time. For now lets just say the application is a success and most would be very envious. Prince George BC - One of the neatest uses I have ever had the pleasure of seeing one of our Listeroid engines used for his personal train. His train repowering project involved using a 12/1 Kissan iron Works Listeroid. If any of our customers would like to have their Lister project posted on our website, please send your story and photos to Thanks to all who have shared their stories.