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Impact Poly Hammers

Impact Poly Hammers

In 1995, I began to design and machine molds for the Impact Poly Hammer product line. Over the following 6 years, I added one or more sizes each year to make the product line what it is today. It's now been a over 14 years since I  started marketing my dead blow hammers throughout Western Canada. In those early years and in those areas where I didn't have any stores selling them, I would go door to door calling on businesses and tradesmen. I would describe how my hammers  were constructed to each potential customer and explain to them why I thought they were better than what was currently offered by my competition. I really enjoyed those early years as I was able to meet so many great people and sell a lot of hammers! Some of the people I met had never used a dead blow hammer before. This created an opportunity to explain to them how this tool could benefit them in their work and that this type of hammer would even save them money by avoiding damages caused to those objects they  were currently striking with their steel hammers!

From the beginning, it was my goal to build a line of dead blow hammers that would satisfy and meet the needs of many different tradesmen. There were already several other manufacturers of dead blow hammers in the marketplace but, from what I had discovered, many of the manufacturers seemed to be skimping on the internals of their dead blow hammers. Some of my earlier hammers even showed signs of weakness in certain areas, so I improved upon the design and made them even tougher. I personally like things to be tough, so I didn't find it too hard to make a tougher hammer than my competition offered, even though some of them were considered to be the Big Boyz! 

Impact Poly hammers have always been made by hand batch pouring and casting with a hot cast polyurethane process using amathane bonding agent (To my knowledge only Impact uses this bonding agent) with 12 hr oven curing. This hot cast process encapsulates a CRS (cold roll steel) all welded internal steel skeleton.  No other plastic or rubber material process used currently can result in a tougher, longer lasting dead blow hammer. Being a tool manufacturer in Canada these days makes me a rare and near extinct breed, however, I do get great satisfaction knowing that when either a hobbyist or tradesman uses an Impact Poly hammer to perform a job, he is not only going to be impressed with  the quality, balance and feel of the hammer but ,as well, the unsurpassed driving power and durability. Both you and I will also have peace of mind knowing that I have personally welded the internals of every Impact Poly hammer you'll ever see or use!

With the Impact Poly Hammer line ranging in sizes from 14oz. - 17 lbs, we can offer you the right size for virtually any job you'll find yourself needing a dead blow hammer for. 

 (Top picture - 14 oz./ 20oz./ 36oz./ 52oz sizes) This set of 4 hammers are used extensively by all types of mechanics, machinists,mill wrights, factory assembly personel and oil field servicemen to mention just a few. (available separately or individualy)

(second picture from top - 6lb mini sledge) When something is requiring a little more driving power than our 52 oz can deliver -  this is the next one up our line that you'll reach for!

(picture second from bottom) - Limited production 17lb IPH/us Sledge with combo urethane and Tool steel face) Those who own one, know that this is the Lexus of sledge hammers. It has many user friendly features such as an anti vibration, spring steel handle, crash resistant neck and a heat treated en30B (50rc) cnc machined head that utilizes a tapered bore that focuses the steel shot to the steel face side for incredible driving power. Dual faces mean you only need one sledge in your service truck. 

(second from bottom picture - 34oz. wood worker ) The 34oz. wood worker hammer is quite remarkable in that it doesn't leave dents or marks on even soft woods or plastic laminates. Amazingly, I have been able to sell them to every cabinet shop, furniture factory and artistic stair maker that ever tried one. This hammer is also been used for banging on hopper bins and grain trailers as it doesn't damage the paint or leave dents!

Bottom picture shows our 14oz up to 10lb IPH sledge

Please note that some of our most popular sledge sizes such as the 12lb & 15lb IPH sledges are not shown. These all urethane sledges feature the same anti vibration handle system as our 17lb IPH/us sledge. These sledges have been used extensively by the following -  heavy equipment  mechanics and ag mechanics, hydraulic cylinder rebuilders, high rise construction crews and, because of the no spark environment, have also been found invaluable to those in grain elevator and oil field maintenance.

Here in Western Canada the Impact Poly Hammer brand name is now very well known and is a brand name that people trust. The brands success has also been, in part, to our many Canadian Dealers that have chosen to carry our hammers in their stores or to order them as needed for thier customers who require industrial duty dead blow hammers. There is a saying - You will never regret purchasing a quality tool!

If you are located in Canada and are interested in our hammers, I would encourage you to stop by or contact one of our Canadian Dealers (listed below). As we currently do not have any distribution or outlets for our hammers in the USA, if you are from the USA and would like to purchase one or more of our incredibly durable dead blow hammers for yourself, please feel free to contact us directly.  We will be more than happy to fix you up. We of course, welcome USA resellers of Industrial tools to contact us If they would be interested in selling Impact Poly Hammers to their customers. We can be reached at (403) 329 4368 or by email at

Canadian Outlets for Impact Poly Hammers 

  • Northern metalic Sales (Grand Praire, Peace River, Edson, White Court)
  • Certified Tool and Supply (Edmonton) (780) 434 8711
  • Pro Cut Industrial (Edmonton) (780) 437 2949
  • United Tool Supply (Edmonton) (780) 437 4220
  • AES Industrial Supplies (Red Deer) (403)342 2525
  • Quest industrial Products (Calgary) (403) 287 7900
  • Quality tools (Calgary) (403) 235 6325
  • MacDougalls Tool Sales (Calgary) (403) 291 2970
  • Hunter Tool Supply (Calgary) (403) 287 3796
  • Wholesale Fire and Rescue (Calgary) (403) 279 0400
  • Black Forest Wood Company (Calgary) (403) 255 6044  
  • Lethbridge Fasteners (403) 380 3503
  • Silver Automotive (Lethbridge) (403) 328 9621
  • A&B Steel (Medicine Hat) (403) 527 7700 
  • BC Fasteners (Kelowna & Vernon) (250) 868 9222
  • The Tool Place (Kelowna, Kamloops) (250) 860 6404
  • KY Tools (Kelowna) (250) 862 2575 
  • Ok Builders Supply (Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon) (250) 545 0667
  • Ringheim & Company (Golden) (250) 344 5928
  • Kaman Industrial technologies (all stores) (604) 523 2350
  • Moore Industrial (Saskatoon, Regina) (306) 653 7788
  •  Tool Zone (Yorkton) (306) 782 2909
  • Tate Industrial (Windsor Ont.) (519) 966 3210