Eco Diesel Solutions Canada
Perkins Engines

Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is now able to offer our customers Perkins engine products. If you have a need for  reliable diesel power for a new build or re power then check out whats available from Perkins.

 Perkins Model - 402C - 05

Probably the cuttest little engine you'll  ever see! Only 22" high x 13.5"L !

 These 402C compact 2 cylinder diesel engines are of very high build quality and are built  and assembled by Perkins/Shibura company of Japan. The 402C is capable of being set up at operating speeds from 1500 - 2800 rpm (8 - 11hp)  making this engine very  usable in many situations where a compact diesel engine is required. They are extremely fuel efficient, reliable and easy to service.  To check out what other engines are available from Perkins please click on the link below.