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Grundfos pumps

Grundfos SQ and SQE Deep Well Pumps

 Grundfos knows just how critical reliable water pressure is to cottage and acreage owners. As a result Grundos has developed the SQ and SQE series of deep well  pumps and MQ jet pumps. These technologicaly advanced pumps offer severall key advantages of which are especialy benifitial to those who live off grid or with inverter/battery supplied electrical power. Eco Diesel Solutions Canada would be pleased to size and supply our customers with a sutable Grundfos pumping system.   

The Grundfos SQ and SQE smart flo series pumps are available in 5gpm - 30gpm and in hp ranging from 1/3hp - 1.5hp. Both of these models feature permanent magnet motors making them extremely efficient. The SQE smart flo series pumps are perfect for off grid homes because they feature a built in micro frequency converter which allows them to comunicate with the above ground mounted CE301 controller and pressure transducer. This comunication allows the SQE pump to supply constant flow and pressure based on the demand. This is what is meant by having constant water pressure system. The CE301 electronic controller also allows the SQE to have a soft start feature allowing  for much higher electrical efficiency due to elimination of the high in rush current required by most other deep well pumps. By using less electrical power to provide your home with reliable water pressure means your off grid batteries will be cycled far fewer times over the years and thus increasing their overall usable life span. 

Grundfos MQ Series Pumps

For situations where you may have a cistren, the Grundfos MQ series pumps are a great choice. I have personaly used one of these pumps on my acreage and after 6 years can honestly say my MQ pump has been excellent. These pumps are quiet, small and easily to put into service. They have a built in pressure tank, foot valve, are self priming, have dry run shut down and include a cord with 115V plug. MQ pumps are a very simple and quiet pumping solution for any home where you need to pull water from a shallow source.