Eco Diesel Solutions Canada
Solar Racking
Eco Solar Ribs Eco Diesel Solutions Canada has been providing our solar minded customers with solar racking solutions from several suppliers such as Wattsun, DPW, Sun Top and Kinetik. We will continue to offer these high quality solar racking solutions to our customers, but after observing that most solar ground mounts do not come complete ( as they do not come with with cross tubes or vertical standing pipe/masts) and due to the long lead times for them to be supplied and landed, it led Eco Diesel Solutions Canada to consider building and offering our own ground mounted solar racking system/s to offer our customers. This past summer that we decided to design and build a heavy duty solar racking system for our Eco Diesel Solutions site. Part of the criteria for this solar mount was that it needed to be able to withstand the frequent and violent 78+ MPH winds we see here in southern Alberta. The result of this development lead to our new Eco Solar Ribs! As I developed the Eco Rib Multi Pole solar racking system it lead me to thinking, because we have so many do it yourself type customers coming to us for solar modules, that perhaps this might be the prefect solution for our customers as they could simply purchase the required # of Eco Ribs or the complete and easy to assemble mounting system which they could quickly and very easily install themselves. These heavy duty laser cut and pre bent/fabricated galvanized steel solar ribs simply mount onto a 4.5" diameter tube with their half clamp and 4 bolts. This tuff and simple design means that anyone could simply purchase our Eco Solar ribs and place them onto their own T post mount that has a 4.5" cross tube. If a larger solar array is required the customer may simply add another T post and add more of our Eco Solar ribs or they may decide to purchase one of our complete custom built galvanized multi pole mounts. We would be more than happy to show you our Eco Rib Solar racking system should you be in the area or wish to arrange a visit/tour.