Eco Diesel Solutions Canada
  • 5kw - Eurogen type alternators 1800 rpm 110v ac 1ph self exciting w/double bearing, class H windings voltage regulation +/- 5%
  • 10kw - Eurogen type alternator 1800 rpm 110v ac 1ph self exciting w/double bearing , class H windings voltage regulation +/- 5%  


Marathon Alternators

Eco Diesel Solutions Canada is pleased to be able to offer our customers the highly regarded Marathon Magna plus alternators. You either have or are soon to put many hours into building your slow speed Listeroid genset. You may want to consider coupling your slow speed engine with one of these state of the art Marathon alternators. With marathon brushless alternators you will be provided with  near perfect voltage regulation  and will be provided with many many years of service. Call for a more than competitive quote. 

 We now have in stock, Double Sidewinder pulleys. These CNC machined pulleys  are for coupling your 650 rpm Lister type engines that have 23.100" flywheels to 1800 rpm alternators. These heavy duty pulleys are cut from ductile iron casting and weigh approximately 37 lbs. They are designed and machined to be driven by  either one or two 8 groove serpentine belts and accept the heavier Q1 38 and 42 mm taper lock hubs. These pulleys feature double 8 groove micro v grooves for running 2 belts instead of one and feature a 1/4" shoulder and face  with a pre-drilled and tapped 5 bolt pattern for adding additional flywheel weight should you want to add more later. Check them out in the pulleys section under products.

Please note: We have now recieved our  Eurogen type (India made) aluminum body alternators in the 5 kw and 10 kw sizes.  Upon un-crating and inspection I can see that these alternators are of very high build quality and very well made with nice detail of finish. No one will be disapointed in the quality of these! Unfortunately, the alternators we recieved on our shipment are only 110v 60hz operating and not the dual voltage 110/220v 60 hz as we had ordered. However these 110V units are fully functional, if you do not require 220V power. There is also the benefit of these alternators only having one 110V leg as  you will not see the problems with imbalanced 110V loads such as on the 2 leg Chinese ST models. We will have the dual voltage alternators en route shortly for our customers who require 220V power and will be bringing in a complete range of 3 ph alternators. We  are stocking a complete inventory of spare parts for the Eurogen-type alternators we have imported. If you would like us to hold an alternator in your name, or if you are interested in us bringing in a certain size for you, please do not hesitate to ask.