Eco Diesel Solutions Canada

Eco Diesel can provide our customers with severall different high quality inverter brands. Below are just a few brands we would like to mention.

  OutBack inverters are recognized world wide as a manufacturer of one of the most highly engineered inverter systems for both, battery based grid tie and off-grid power systems.  The OutBack flexware 500 inverter board (pictured top right) can provide up to 7200 watts at 48V continuous electrical power for your home or shop. This inverter board can be provided pre wired with your choice of FX or VFX OutBack inverters to provide either stand alone off grid power or GVFX or GTFX inverters for battery based grid tie applications where back up power is desired. 

Pictured below the Flexware 500 system is the very compact and tidy, factory pre wired single inverter system know as the OutBack Flex Power One. The Flex Power One is easily mounted on a wall and come complete and ready for DC and AC connections.  A conveniant AC bypass switch allows for your generators AC power to bypass the inverter in the event the inverter or batteries needs servicing. Outback provides this model with the FM80 MPPT solar charge controller, Comunications hub, Mate 2 and Flexnet DC monitoring system.

The OutBack inverters (FX and VFX models) are very compatable with our Northern Lights generators with auto start option (all generator safety shutdowns such as high tempurature coolant and low oil pressure are maintained)  Using the Mate programmer, the OutBack inverter charger can be programed to tell the generator to come on automaticaly so as to charge your battery bank at a preset low voltage or come online to meet  loads that excedes your inverter capabilities. Monthly battery equalize maintinance charge can also be programmed. OutBack systems make for a seamless and reliable power solution for your off grid cabin or home!

Outback also offers both inverter board options as battery based grid tie inverters using their (GTFX and GVFX models) which allow you to remain grid connected but in a way to reduce your power bill with their big benifit being they will provide the benifit of uninterupted back up power durring a grid power failure.  With the GTFX or GVFX inverters, the battery bank becomes a buffer between your solar or wind generator and the grid. Grid power will also charge your batteries in the event there is no sun or wind, but in the event of a power outage your home is automaticaly provided with pure sine wave power.

FX2012  (2000 watts at 12V) or VFX2812 (2800 watts at 12V)

FX2524 or GTFX2524 (2500 watts at 24V) or VFX3524 (3500 watts at 24V)

FX3048 or GTFX3048 (3000 watts at 48V or VFX3648 (3600 watts at 48V)

GVFX3524 (3500 watts at 24V)

GVFX3648 (3600 watts at 48V)

OutBack FX500 inverter system (Dual inverter system) The FX500 inverter system is virtualy the perfect inverter system for the average home. The FX500 can be built with a single inverter and be expanded to a dual inverter system at a later date. By having 2 stacked inverters the FX500 provides up to 7200watts of continuous power at 48V.

Outback FX1000 inverter system (quad stacked inverter system) The FX1000 inverter system accepts up to 4 of  the inverter models shown above. The FX1000 can provide large homes and small businesses with up to 14,400watts.

For more information, please visit their website: or contact us to discuss a quote for your own state-of-the-art inverter system.


Xantrex XW systems - This past summer, we sold 10 of the XW6048 inverter systems. These attractively built units are well made and can be either stnd alone off grid or battery based grid tie.  

XW 4024

XW 6048

 Power One Inverters offer extremely efficient direct grid tie inverters for both solar and wind. Power One has inverter systems for both home and large commercial applications. If your considering grid tie solar or wind you will be interested to know and see that we have Power One inverters installed at our own site.


Enphase micro inverters - These compact micro inverters attach dirrectly to the back of each solar module for dirrect solar - grid tie applications.